Presidential Bid: Coalition Asks Peter Obi To Dump PDP For Another Party

Presidential Bid: Coalition Asks Peter Obi To Dump PDP For Another Party
Peter Obi

The Coalition for Peter Obi has urged the former Anambra governor to run for president in another political party.

Obi is one of the presidential hopefuls of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

In a statement issued on Tuesday, coalition spokesman Zubairu Mohammad said that some PDP officials have banded together to derail Obi’s presidential ambitions.

According to Mohammed, the opposing party encourages politicians with “no verified sources of income to fling money around.”

“Recent developments within the leadership of PDP is very pathetic as many chieftains of the party have ganged up to frustrate the presidential ambition of genuine and decent presidential aspirants, thereby encouraging unscrupulous politicians with no verifiable sources of income to throw money around,” the spokesman said.

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“They are well known individuals in the party who are doing everything possible within their powers to block any chance for credible aspirants to emerge.

“The party seems to have adopted an unwritten rule of tacitly encouraging the looting of state resources for party politics.

“Many of these political merchants are envious of the nationwide acceptability and sterling performance of Peter Obi both in the public and private sector, making them do everything possible to thwart the former governor of Anambra state’s presidential ambition.

“Therefore, as a coalition which consists of more than 17 groups with ten million active voters, we call on his Excellency, Mr Peter Obi to dump PDP and look for another political platform with people of like mind to pursue his presidential ambition to enable him help salvage our sinking nation.”