Stop Lying To Your Kids. They Are Smarter Now With The Internet – Blessing Okoro Tells Parents

Famous Nigerian relationship expert, Blessing Okoro has taken to social media to caution parents about lying about certain stuff to their children adding that these kids with the help of the internet can chance upon the actual truth and end up not trusting their parents ever again.

According to Blessing, many African parents hide behind lies to force their children to abstain from certain things.

She added that once these children are old enough and find the real truth, they tend to downplay the words of their parents as they see them as jokes rather than facts even when they are actually speaking the truth.

“The crazy thing about African parenting is that they lie to kids. Just because your parents want you to abstain from something, they will lie about that thing, and when we kids grow up to realize that it was all a lie, our parents words become a joke😂.

Now you see why we don’t listen to our parents but mostly strangers.. parents tell the kids the truth, teach them consequences not just abstinence”.