‘Try Dey Brush’ – Man Gifts Girlfriend A Toothbrush Packaged Inside An iPhone Pack Video)

A Nigerian man has triggered mixed reactions on social media after sharing a video of himself pranking his girlfriend with a toothbrush.

The young man hid the toothbrush in an iphone case inside a small polythene bag. He then took the bag to his girlfriend who jumped in surprise after sighting the iphone box.

She however showed disappointment when she found out that it was a toothbrush and threw the package on the floor. The boyfriend has obviously had issues with his partner over brushing used this to tell her to brush.

He said ” _try de brush abeg_ ”

Instagram users have shared their thoughts on this video

” I hope she doesn’t put emotions and forget the truth”.

“Try de brush”.

“Why she sef no de brush?”

See video below: