Umahi: We Need An Engineer To Build Nigeria, Citizens Are Tired Of Political Promises

Umahi: We Need An Engineer To Build Nigeria — Citizens Are Tired Of Political Promises
Gov Umahi

Governor of Ebonyi, Dave Umahi has stated that Nigeria’s next president should be an engineer who will focus on building the country.

Umahi, who is a civil engineer, stated that an engineer can later hand over the country to core politicians at the end of the building process.

The Ebonyi governor spoke on Thursday during an interview with Channels Television.

Umahi, who is a presidential hopeful in the All Progressives Congress (APC), said his achievements in Ebonyi show what an engineer can do if given the opportunity to lead.

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“Nigerians need to evaluate the kind of president they want to have. The state of our nation shows that we do not need core politicians to be the president. We are a developing nation, an engineer must be given the opportunity to build this country and then hand it over to politicians,” he said.

“The country is not built. The food is not yet done and it is when the food is done that the politicians will be invited to take over. I think an engineer, for the first time, should be given an opportunity.

“What I have done in Ebonyi shows what an engineer can do. I can say it anywhere; the country needs an engineer to build it and then the politicians can come and take over. Nigerians are tired of political promises.

“If you are looking for moneybags, I’m not there. If you are looking for someone who will share money, I’m not there, but if it is for performance, if it is for a man who has the fear of God, heart for the people and oneness of the country, I will tell you that I fit in at a very challenging moment like this.”


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