Why I Stopped Wearing Wigs – Adesua Etomi Sparks Reactions With Her Recent Revelation

Nollywood actress, Adesua Etomi, has finally revealed her reasons for choosing braids and cornrows over wigs.

Recall that the actress who has been seen so often appearing in braids in recent public events was dragged for haphazardly dressing to Kemi Adetiba’s wedding.

Replying her critics, Adesua explained in details why she has decided to choose cornrows and braids over wigs.

She stated that she has always been a simple lady and she feels more comfortable with the hairstyle. She also mentioned that ancient African women wore braids and we’re loved for it.

She said;

“I’ve been wearing cornrows a lot lately on purpose. I feel like my most authentic self when i wear braids, plaits or when I wear my hair out. If you’ve followed me closely, you’d know what I mean. You’d know this isn’t new.

In general, I believe in keeping it simple. Whether it’s from my clothes, to my hair, to my lifestyle. So I, Adesua Etomi-Wellington, am out here, holding it down for the simple girls. The ones who rock cornrows, the minimalists…

I hope you look at me and feel pride KNOWING that these rows our ancestors wore are still a thing to be proud of.

I hope you see me and rocks yours with pride if you want to but above all, may you know that you are more than your hair no matter how you choose to wear it and more than your clothes, no matter what styles you choose to wear.

I do this for the girls deemed ‘too simple’. There is not a single thing wrong with simplicity. We may be ‘simple’ but there is not a single thing simple about us. Raise your glass if you are a SG.

Saying this so you stop questioning who you are. Embrace it. It’s ok to be yourself. It’s more than ok, It’s great.

I’m definitely a millennial. The number of times I’ve had to post and repost this proves it. Gosh.I will still wear wigs when I feel like it sha.”


  1. AS a woman you ought to see beauty in yourself and be confident about it irrespective of what you are putting on,a woman can wear weave wigs absolutely nothing is wrong with all this things but our natural hair or looks needs to be embraced..as for me i love wigs ❤️


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