Zicsaloma Called Out For Allegedly Demanding To Sleep With Upcoming Male Skit Makers

Aloma Isaac Junior, professionally known as Zicsaloma, a famous skit maker, has been accused of asking to sleep with rising male skit makers as an exchange for fame.

This allegation was leveled on the comedian by Cutie_julls, a popular Instagram gossip blog which reported that while zicosaloma had been promoted for free while rising, he was demanding to sleep with male rising skit makers.

The post read:

Hmmm sad sad sad that Zic that many celebrities promoted for free for him to be where he is now will be demanding knackademous from young male skit makers in exchange of helping them become famous.

Zic! Zic! Zic Much love and best of luck to all young upcoming skit makers.. you will surely become successful. Never compromise your body. Wishing you all the best ❤❤❤”