Gun Acquisition Directive To Complement Security Forces, Says Matawalle

Gun Acquisition Directive To Complement Security Forces, Says Matawalle

Bello Matawalle, the governor of Zamfara State, has made it clear that the purpose of his order inviting citizens to purchase firearms is for them to aid security forces in their ongoing fight against insurgency.

He clarified this on Monday at the Government House in Gusau, the state capital, where he was launching four special committees.

In order to assure efficient implementation of the security measures being taken to combat the resurgence of banditry in the State, the committees were established, according to the governor.

The four special committees established today include Committee on Intelligence Gathering and Bandits’ Informants, Committee on Prosecution of Banditry Related Offences, Management of Community Protection Guards and Special Standing Security Committee.

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Matawalle stated that in recent weeks, Zamfara has witnessed terrorists’ attacks in various communities, especially within Bukkuyum, Gusau and Gummi Local Government Areas of the State.

The governor reiterated that his administration will continue to explore strategies to crush the security challenges and the sufferings endured by the citizens in the hands of the terrorists.

He noted that the government is aware of the efforts of the security forces in tackling the prevailing insecurity, however, the governor opined that the efforts of the armed forces have been impeded by lack of modern war hardware and adequate manpower, hence the reason decided that the people should procure weapons to defend themselves against the terrorists.


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