‘How My Love For Money And Fame Destroyed My Life’ – Bobrisky’s Ex-PA, Oye Kyme

Oye Kyme, the former personal assistant to Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky, has expressed regret over her urge to become popular.

Recall that after her messy fight with Bobrisky, she consistently took to social media to rant and reveal some secrets about her former boss.

Just a few months ago, Oye Kyme expressed interest in pornography but decided to quit after she became a subject of discussion online.

Sharing a throwback video on Instagram, Oye advised her follower to be satisfied with whatever they have in life and be proud of themselves.

According to Oye, she wanted to be a celebrity at all costs and chase clout online but her life has turned out differently.

She added that her stupid decisions and love for money destroyed her life.

Our Kyme wrote: “My message in this video is to be content with what you have in life, and be proud of where you came from I wanted to be a celeb so bad chase clouts I almost lost my life chasing this stupid clout today my life is no more the same thing, sometimes I seat down and see how I destroy my life by taking stupid decisions because of the love of money but am still grateful for my life, I can still make a change for my future.”


  1. Hahahaha May be you need to read the bible very well. What happen to King Solomon He chase things that has no significant value but at the end of it, he said vanity upon vanity all is vanity There is no better way to enjoy a life than to be contended with what one have You still have a chance, return to your Saviour, l mean the story changer.


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