Kate Henshaw Narrates Painful Experience With A Woman At Event

Kate Henshaw
Kate Henshaw

Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw has taken to social media to lament over a painful experience with a woman she met at a recent event.

In a post shared on Twitter, Kate Henshaw expressed surprise at how some individuals can be rude and always feel entitled to everything.

The actress said she had just entered a wedding ceremony when the woman came to ask her for selfie pictures.

According to Kate Henshaw, she told the lady to give her some minutes to settle down at the event but she got angry and left.

Kate Henshaw added that she went to call the woman but she was ignored.

She wrote: “People can be so rude and entitled shut, I just enter the wedding, I never even sit down arrange myself, this woman comes beside me that she wants pictures, I said give me a few minutes to gather myself, e vex comot, I went to call her and she ignored me. If na me do this thing, I day wait am”