Pastor Ibiyeomie Speaks On Harm In Using Kayamata

The Senior Pastor of Salvation Ministry, David Ibiyeomie, has warned against the use of charms (cast spells) to keep a man in a relationship.

According to Ibiyeomie, the use of a popular s3x enhancer (Kayamata) attracts cancer which eventually leads to death.

The cleric further stated that the authenticity of the charm used on a man fades, hence the death of the person behind such an act.

He added that Satan only gives gifts with time bombs and would not give humans anything free.

Ibiyeomie while addressing his members said, “Your father gave you one small thing to hold on your waist, rededicate your life. All of you who also have Kayamata, give your life to Christ because if you don’t give your life, it can also destroy you. They will not tell you the consequences of it.

“In case you don’t know, go and ask your mother. No woman uses charm to hold a man that lives long; find out! When the woman gets to a particular age, the thing will just vanish and she will die. Look at women who use charm, they don’t live long.

“They will have cancer or one thing that will kill them. The witch doctors will not tell you. Satan will give you money with a time bomb because he does not give anything free”.