Reactions As Burna Boy’s Associate Allegedly Fires Gun In Lagos Club

It is been alleged that Nigerian music star, Damini Ogulu, popularly known as Burna Boy and his associate caused gun-based violence in a club, Cubana, in Lagos.

According to several eyewitnesses, who explained the story on Twitter, it was alleged that the artist and his associate had a disagreement with some set of people in the club which led to a fight and a shootout.

A user of the microblogging site, @anthony_fedora tweeted, “So Burna Boy and his boys got into a fight with some guys at Cubana and they brought out guns and shot the other people, his police escorts also damaged people’s cars while trying to create a path for Burna and his boys to leave. This is a role model and this is Nigeria.”

Also, @Theflowolf opined via his post, “I can’t even tweet what Burna Boy ‘s people done to my guys in front of my eyes at club Cubana yesterday cos I still can’t believe it.”

“Burna boy no suppose deh walk freely if Nigeria and Lagos police deh actually work, you commot gun for club shoot because you and your boys they fight people,

“And to the whole of Cubana group, y’all are bastards, that kind thing no fit happen for Quilox shaaa, you go shoot person and escape freely, never,” the Twitter user @prinzbilax stated.

“Until Burna Boy and his team start suing this guy, such stories will never stop,” @unrulyOutsider tweeted.

According to a close source, law enforcement who were escorting Burna Boy destroyed several people’s cars to clear the path for Burna boy while leaving the club.

It was also explained that the music star wasn’t involved in the shoot-out directly.


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