Tears Flow As Osmond Gbadebo Is Laid To Rest (Video)

Nollywood actor and movie producer  Osmond Gbadebo was finally laid to rest today at the Yaba Cementary in Lagos.

Recall that Osmond Gbadebo died on Monday 30th May 2022 after battling a terminal ailment for a long time, according to his colleague, Yemi Solade.

However, many of his colleagues and friends paid their last respect to Osmond Gbadabo during his wake keep on Friday.

A video shared by actor Saidi Balogun captured the moment when Osmond Gbado was laid to rest at the Yaba cemetery.

In the video, people were seen groaning and lamenting over the huge loss.

Saidi Balogun who also spoke in the video said he and his colleagues attended the burial ceremony to pay their last respect to the actor.