Nigerians are betting more than ever before – here’s what you need to know

In 2020 it was estimated that more than 60 million Nigerians had betted online, and the uptrend is not looking to cool off any time soon. The Nigerian gambling market is somewhat generous to both players and bookies and overall tends to work remarkably well for all involved parties. 

In this text we’re going to run through some basics about betting in Nigeria and some interesting information to take with you. However, we’re not going to provide you with a list of various bookies you can try. Instead we’ll direct you to Punters Page TPP where you can get an overview of different options available.

Domestic or foreign bookies? 

There are, at the time of writing, no laws prohibiting Nigerians from taking their patronage to a company outside of Nigeria. However a majority of people still choose to play at Nigerian bookies since the odds tend to be easier and it’s much more accessible when compared to other alternatives. 


Football is the most popular alternative 

Football is by far the most popular alternative when it comes to sport. In today’s global world of football one can sit in Lagos and bet on a game taking place in England on pretty much the same terms as someone sitting in the stadium. However, Nigerians tend to enjoy slightly better odds than other parts of the world. The Premier League is naturally the most popular to bet on given that it’s arguably the best league in the world, but undoubtedly the most popular. 


But it’s not only Football that is betted on. In today’s global world many Nigerians have an interest in a wide array of different sports and today you can use Nigerian websites to bet on everything from Tennis, Basketball, and much more.  


Not just betting 

But it’s not just betting that’s available in the form of gambling. Many people are also spending time on various casino games such as video slots and other similar forms of gambling. These are most enjoyed by people who like to lean back and relax after a long day at work without putting too much effort in. These games are often available on different platforms, but many bookies have now also started offering up various types of casino games. For those interested, there are several different ways of going about betting and gambling, and the popularity is bound to increase.