“Baba Don Humble” – Cubana Chiefpriest Reacts Differently As Another Fan Makes Video Of Him In Public

Popular celebrity barman, Pascal Okechukwu better known as Cubana Chief Priest has reacted differently after he was captured on a camera by a fan.

A young man who observed the businessman when he was in a public area conversing with someone made a selfie video to capture the club owner’s face.

Cubana quickly posed by making the peace sign with his fingers when he realized he was being recorded before leaving.

His response follows criticism for a viral video that showed him looking down on another fan last week.

While Chief Priest was overseeing the preparations for the Absolute afterlife party, one of the workers and a fan drew close to him to take a selfie video.

The man who had to stop the filming received a disparaging glance from him, but before turning off the camera, the fan saluted.

Cubana’s behavior, though, drew criticism from Nigerians, forcing him to issue a statement.


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