How To Look For The Right Nigerian Domain For Your Website

Choosing the perfect domain name is crucial for branding, brand awareness, and SEO positioning. Selecting the right domain for your brand is one of the most challenging things you will face after deciding to begin your business. There will be a lot of suggestions, competing to be the best. This article will tell you how to choose the right domain name for your Nigerian website. 

After choosing the perfect domain name for your website, you must get a domain appraisal. Domain appraisal is a website that gives you access to information about your domain, helping you to assess its worth and compare it with other names with related meanings. One such website is where you can asses your website domain accurately.


How to Pick the Ideal Domain Name

Make it Concise and Simple to Type

Businesses should avoid long and difficult domain names, and the advice to do so is now more vital than ever. It’s simpler than ever to make mistakes now that we use mobile devices with keyboards that are getting smaller and smaller. Make the domain brief and simple to aid your customers.


Choose a Catchy Domain Name

You need a name that will be memorable to others. A smart method to launch your website and make it a popular one to visit is to choose a memorable name that helps your company stand out from the competition.

In the Name, Include Keywords

Additionally, SEO specialists advise that including keywords in your domain name may be smart. Using them will make readers quickly aware that they are at the location of the proper kind of business and will assist search engines in determining your website’s relevancy to a query at the highest (domain) level.

Utilize Your Domain Name to Attract Nearby Business

Using the name of the region in which you operate may also assist both search engines and consumers in discovering you when they are looking for a local business. In addition, keywords are helpful for letting individuals know what sort of business you are.


Avoid Using Domain Names That Contain Digits or Hyphens

In general, you should stay away from hyphens and numerals. First, they can be more difficult to type, especially hyphens on the phone, which may turn people off. Second, they will likely search for your domain without hyphens since people assume there won’t be any. If they do, they could insert hyphens in the wrong locations.

Make Use of The Correct Domain Extension

The letter set that comes after the dot at the end of a web address, such as .com, .net,, is known as a domain extension. You must pick the best one for your company because they may significantly influence how well your site ranks.


Avoid Disputes With Other Businesses

Rarely, but on occasion, people have found themselves in legal trouble because the domain name they choose violates another firm’s registered name, trademark, or copyright. You could be sued in court for these violations, just like Tiwa Savage, who was dragged to court over alleged intellectual property theft.

Just like you would when picking a name for your registered firm, check carefully and do your homework before you start.


How Can I Find Out if a Domain Name Is Available?

After following the above instructions to select the ideal domain name for your website, you must confirm that it is not already used. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  1. First, visit the website of the domain registrar of your choice.
  2. Then, search the domain search box.
  3. In the domain search box, enter the name of your website.
  4. The domain registrar will send some indicators to confirm the domain name’s availability.
  5. Finally, if the domain is still available, register it by paying according to the terms stipulated by your domain registrar.

Domain names should be secured before the launch of a product. Read the article to learn about how a Nigerian man outwitted the Federal Government by buying the domain names of their national flag carrier.


Your internet visibility depends on your domain name. So even if you now believe that you have no internet company, there is a good probability that you will require a domain name soon.

The internet is developing so quickly that everyone must register their names online. The names of famous persons and celebrities are used as domain names. You might be shocked to learn that your name has already been reserved as a domain.

What about corporate names if personal names are becoming harder to come by? Over 1.9 billion websites are accessible online, according to Internet Web Stats. No website would exist without a domain name. Moreover, there are more websites than there are domain names. Sub-domains allow a domain to host several websites.