I’m Not Depressed By Loss At Primary – Bakare

I’m Not Depressed By Loss At Primary – Bakare
Tunde Bakare

Pastor Tunde Bakare, senior pastor of the Citadel Global Community Church, stated on Friday that despite losing his campaign for president at the APC convention, he was not saddened by the setback.

He emphasized that after May 29, 2023, God’s plans for the nation would be revealed.

“I saw the train pass a second time at the APC convention, there was no name written on it. When I asked God what it meant, he told me ‘it is not over. I will be ready for you and I to face God on May 29 until then stay calm’

He observed in his sermon, “Global mission and globalization: Avenues for expressing the dominion mandate,” that dispersal and migration were not a “brain drain” to the country but rather an extension of its capacity to develop, exhibit, and showcase its abilities on the international arena.

While giving them instructions on how to develop connections without compromising their morals, he advised Nigerians abroad to behave honestly and to avoid demeaning Nigeria and Nigerians at home.

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In Atlanta, Georgia, USA, on Friday at the Gathering of Sons and Daughter event sponsored by the CGCC Diaspora Fellowship, Bakare declared that Nigeria would join the G20 as the 22nd country once it got its act together.

“You will score zero and you will wear it as a badge of honour, you must gain strength and you must build and increase the investment in your relationships without compromising your faith. So, that when you speak against certain things, people will listen,” he said.

“Don’t look down on yourself. The G20 will have to become G22. You cannot ignore Nigeria when it turns around for good. We will sit among the brotherhood of the world,” he added.

While referencing the dispersal of the Israelites, the Tower of Babel, Joseph, Daniel, Meshack, Shedrack and Abednego, he stressed that the migration of many Nigerians was part of God’s plan to equip Nigeria after many had left the country due to insecurity to seek greener pastures.

“I don’t call it brain drain, they will be back. They have gone to learn something and they will be back. Some will die there just as some Israelites died in the wilderness. They would have learnt something that would have let their children be better off,” he said.