Man Calls Out His Mother For Kicking Against His Relationship

A young man has cried out on social media after falling madly in love with a single mother of three children.

According to him, the lady recently lost her job and he asked her to move in with him together with her kids.

Sadly, his family is against the relationship and wants him to end things with the lady.

In his words:

“I’m in love with a single mother of three.
She recently lost her job and I accommodated her with her kids. She is 10 years older and I really wanna marry her. But my parents want me to end the relationship.”

Read some comments below:
“My husband also got married to me wt three kids, and now we are expecting our 4 child my bros I’ve never seen him happy like this. Love is real”

“This is a difficult situation,, but love knows no bounds… follow your heart and you will win”

“Your families are right to be worried,but you just need to see from both perspectives , yours and theirs weigh your options well🥰”

“i married my wife with two,,seven years now,,and we own our own house,, maybe a single lady wouldn’t have help me to do dat”

Watch the video below:


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