“Marriage Is Not Something To Die For” – Lateef Adedimeji

Nigerian actor Lateef Adedimeji, who has appeared in several Nollywood movies, has shared his opinions on how men should treat their spouses instead of dominating and abusing them.

Adedemeji, who is married to Adebimpe Oyebade, popularly known as Mo Bimpe, argues that women shouldn’t experience domestic abuse because marriage should not be a cause for death.

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He said, ” A woman is not a slave to her husband, and she wasn’t given to you as a housemaid.  Why would you beat up your fellow human in the first place, over what? Whatever it is, once you know you cannot control your anger, and it’s getting to you raising your hand, the best thing is to just walk away and come back when you are calmer. But if you feel the situation keeps getting uncontrollable, then both parties can go their separate ways. Marriage is not something to die for.”

Asked if he still has ‘toasters’ after he got married, he said “People would always ‘toast’ you (laughs)”.

As a newly married man, a lot definitely would change about his Lifestyle.

He said: “Maybe the way I work. Before now, I used to go from one location to another. Right now, I had to slow down a little because I also have to relax with my wife before taking on another job. I don’t know many children that we are expecting.

I don’t know (laughs). But I wish to have just three children by the grace of God”.