Matawalle Restricts Okada Operations In Zamfara, Orders Shooting Of Violators

Matawalle Restricts Okada Operations In Zamfara, Orders Shooting Of Violators
Bello Matawalle

The governor of Zamfara, Bello Matawalle, has announced that motorcycle traffic in several areas will be prohibited from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Any motorbike rider who disobeys the order and refuses to stop at security checks within the impacted zones would be shot on sight, according to his directive to the security services.

The order was given by Matawalle during a broadcast on Tuesday in Gusau.

An enlarged security council meeting took place before the broadcast.

He claims that the action was taken in response to information that bandits and other criminals were using motorcycles in the state capital and its surroundings to commit crimes.

He claimed that the action will assure peace in the state and the restoration of law and order.

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He asked the emirs, who were part of the council meeting, to be vigilant and report suspicious persons or strange movements in their respective domains to security agents.

“Considering the recent invasion of bandits in some areas on the outskirts of Gusau, the state capital, riding of motorcycles is hereby banned from 8pm to 6am in all areas and outskirts of Gusau town,” he said.

“These areas include Mareri, Damba, Tsunami, Tsauni, Barakallahu, Samaru, Gada Biyu, and Janyau east.

“Security forces are hereby ordered to shoot anyone riding a motorcycle between 8 pm and 6 am on the outskirt of Gusau, who refuses to stop when ordered to do so by them.”

The governor also ordered hotel operators to scrutinize their guests by means of valid identification before accommodating them.


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