Omoni Oboli Showers Praises On Alexx Ekubo After Visiting His Mansion

Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli has come out to shower praises on her colleague Alex Ekubo.

Since moving into his new home, Alex Ekubo has faced harsh criticism as some have questioned where he got his money from.

Omoni Oboli, who was speaking in his defense, described how the actor had to work hard to get his current position.

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Omoni Oboli observed how people frequently demean what they do not understand. She continued by pointing out how far the actor had come.

She recalled the time they filmed “The First Lady” while he was going through his darkest days.

He gave the part everything he had, despite his pains, and God noticed and rewarded him for it.

She urged her followers to always celebrate other people wins.

She wrote: “My brother @alexxekubo the truth is, people talk down on what they don’t know! It is what it is. You’ve come a long way! Even though God has only just began with you! I remember!.

I remember when we shot The First Lady. You were at the lowest point of your life (I didn’t even know cos you didn’t share at the time. One day that story will be told because it will inspire millions of people) but you have that role everything you had! God saw your pain and did what only He could do.

Opened doors that no man can shut. My brother, my friend just know that God sees and He alone rewards. The best is yet to come! Fan always remember to rejoice with those with those who rejoice! God is in the neighborhood. PS: Can someone help me delete @ikogbonna from this video”.

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