“Words Alone Can’t Praise You My Love” – Mercy Johnson Celebrates Husband With Sweet Words

Mercy Johnson OkojieNollywood actress, is still celebrating her 11th wedding anniversary.
On August 26, Mercy Johnson celebrated the eleventh wedding anniversary of her husband, politician Prince Odi Okojie.
Mercy Johnson thanked her husband for honoring their promise to never let go of her hands during family photo shoot to commemorate their anniversary.
The lovely pictures inspired admiration and prayers from many of her followers and collegues on social media.
Mercy Johnson nevertheless shared family photos with bridal theme in honor of her anniversary celebration.
Mercy Johnson expressed her thanks to God for giving her such lovely family.
She said there was nothing more she could expect of him.
Mercy Johnson admitted that she never takes a decision without his approval.
She wrote: “You have done me well Lord…. I could ask for nothing more. @princeodiokojie, My friend and partner. My gossip gee and quarrelling paddy.
I have never moved without your permission and blessings. Words alone can’t praise you my Love…. God bless you babe…. Love you today and always…. Cheers to another chapter”.
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