Young Man Who Cubana Chief Priest Looked Down On To Receive N1million

Cubana Chief Priest

An offer of N1 million has been made to a young man by the name of Snazzy after a viral video of celebrity bartender Cubana Chief Priest looking down on him went viral.

Netizens had criticized Cubana for his behavior as the young man sought to take a selfie video with the celebrity when they were both on stage preparing the location for an event.

The socialite admitted that the fan is an employee who was recruited to prepare the place for his Absolute Lifestyle Party after being mocked by Nigerians for his behavior.

He stated that he should consider himself fortunate that Snazzy merely received an eye and said that he abandoned his duty in favor of trivialities.

However, Swanky, a Twitter user who showed sympathy for the young man, went on the hunt for him and claimed he wanted to give him N1 million for how he handled the situation.

He wrote; ”Someone should get me this guy’s contact. After what Cubana Chief-Priest did to him, he handled it like a man. I have 1Million Naira for him.”