Blaqbonez Tackles Carter Efe Over Machala Song Ownership Saga

Famous Nigerian rapper, Blaqbonez has tackled comedy skit maker Carter Efe for taking a significant share in the Machala song deal with Berry Tiga.

Blaqbonez made his disgust for Carter Efe known and said the comedian is trying to leave off other people’s legacy.

According to reports, Carter Efe helped promote Machala, but he wants over 80 per cent of the profits from the song in his pocket.

Blaqbonez wrote on Twitter: “u no write song, u no produce beat but u want 95%. Wow.”

He further stated that without a promoter, a song could go viral, but the music won’t exist without the singer.

“Without promoter song fit blow, without the creative the song won’t exist !” he said.

The tweets and comments from Blaqbonez reached Carter Efe’s camp, and he tried to clear the air by responding to the comments.

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Carter, responding to Blaqbonez, said: “Blaqbonez I know you’ve hated me from day one ,if you’re jealous just say it ok And also before open your mouth to talk rubbish check for facts Egbon Don’t act like a baby, because nobody offered anybody 5% Don’t hate just take note.”

Blaqbonez then went for the jugular while responding to Carter’s comments, and he said, “Jealous of a naked comedian?! I spend a lot of money to not look like you !”

For days, the sharing formula and ownership saga for the Machala song has caused an uproar on social media, and it’s still unclear if Berri Tiga and Carter Efe will reach a workable agreement on the case.