Duke Of Shomolu Reacts To News Of Laolu Martins’ Death

Notable theatre producer and investment banker, Joseph Edgar, widely known as Duke of Shomolu, has reacted to the death of Laolu Martins, the CEO of NISL Ventures.

Information Nigeria earlier reported the death of Laolu Martins.

In a tribute titled “Laolu Martins – sad end to a beautiful life,” Edgar wrote:

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“They said he had taken a bet against the dollar, and with this rubbish going on in the forex markets, he lost big time and may have slipped into a depression leading to this.

“These are not confirmed, but what is confirmed is that Laolu is no more.

“If Buhari with all the problem of this country on his head is still seating comfortably in Aso rock with toothpick in his mouth, why would you now with your own small problem come and jump?

“This is really sad. Really really sad,” he lamented.