Fake News, Hate Speech Now Biggest Threats To Nigeria’s Democracy – Jonathan

Jonathan: Fake News, Hate Speech Now Biggest Threats To Democracy In Nigeria

Fake news, hate speech, and propaganda, according to former president Goodluck Jonathan, are currently Nigeria’s top challenges to democracy.

Jonathan made this statement on Tuesday at the Goodluck Jonathan Foundation’s second “peace conference,” which had as its theme “Nation Building: The Role of Elections in a Multi-ethnic Context.”

The former president expressed his delight at seeing young people interested in politics and national issues during his speech at the occasion.

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Jonathan, however, insisted that hate speech must be curbed.

“Before this time, we were always afraid of the gun as a threat to democracy. But the biggest threat to democracy now is the issue of propaganda, fake news and hate speech,” he said.

“Anybody that’s an advocate of this is a threat to democracy. Our young people should know that we should embrace good conduct that will lead to good elections.”



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