Female Referees In Spain Go On Strike Over Pay, Women’s League Suspended

Female referees in Spain have agreed to embark on a strike to push their demand for increased pay. With the move by the referees, the women’s league was suspended.

The move was announced on Thursday, a few days before the commencement of the Women’s League in Spain.

In a statement released by the referees, they said they had “taken the decision to not work any matches of the Women’s first division under the present working and economic conditions.”

This is Spain’s first season of an entirely professional women’s league. This happened after its players used years to campaign for good working pay and conditions.

The referees have lamented the treatment meted at them by the League, which is quite different from how players are treated.

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The referees said that the 320 Euros paid to referees and the 120 Euros paid to assistant referees is not enough.

“We want to go back to the field, but under appropriate conditions.” the referees said.

The League responded by saying it had given the Spanish soccer federation a model on how to increase the salaries of the referees and was waiting for a reply.

The League threatened that if striking referees refused to return to work, they’d face legal and disciplinary actions.