Korra Obidi Breaks Down In Tears As She Misses Her Kids

Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi, who lives in America, has bemoaned some of the effects of divorce.

The dancer and her ex-husband, Justin Dean, have a history of fighting on social media over allegations of infidelity and domestic abuse.

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She expressed her outrage at her children being taken away from her for several days in a video she released on her social media, saying it had left her broken.

“Don’t get divorced. It is not for the weak. Separated from your 6 months old for a whole week. I have been trying to keep my composure but last night I got broken because I saw strangers touching my child. It really broke me,” she said in a tears filled voice.

Watch video below:


  1. Anyway, strange touching hands your children na small thing. Accountability with God is the serious one. Not only the weak but also the strong God hate divorce with perfect hatred.
    and the devil loves it with perfect love because it take delight in seeing people crying, going into depression, making life frustrating etc etc. Una dey hear Dancer Korra talk say divorce na bad thing.not for the strong and not for the weakoooooooooo