LAWMA Increases Waste Disposal Fees Across Lagos From Nov. 1

The Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) has announced that effective November 1, waste disposal fees will increase by 100%.

TUNAP WASTE COMPANY LIMITED, a subsidiary of LAWMA, informed its clients of the price increase in a note on Monday.

“Due to the rise in the price of Diesel which recently has risen from N255.00 per litre to over N800 per litre as of today, and the high Exchange Rate which has affected the prices of various Spare Parts of our trucks gone up.”

The following rates were given by the company: a room costs N900 per month, a self-contained room costs N1,750 per month, a domestic store costs N1,000 per month, a flat costs N2,000 per month, and a duplex costs N3,500 per month.

“The new rate shall take effect from 1st of NOVEMBER 2022,” the memo stated.

Another LAWMA affiliate,EXCELLENS LINKS INT’L CO, has similarly issued notice of price increment to subscribers in its coverage area.

The increase was also attributed to high operating costs.

“Consequently, starting from November 1 2022, our service charges shall be: A room N900.00 Monthly. A self-contain; N1,750.00 Monthly; From N1,000,00 Monthly (Depending on the A Domestic Shop volume of Waste Generated & Location)

“A Block of Flat. N2,000,00 Monthly; A Duplex N3,500.00 Monthly; A Shop Attachment N1,500.00 Monthly; A Warehouse N3,000,00 (Minimum) Monthly; We are sorry for inconvenience,” the company stated in its release.

“We hope for the recovery of our economy for the betterment of all. Thank you for your usual cooperation,” it added.

A LAWMA official in Oshodi, Abiodun Wasiu, confirmed that “the fee has been increased,” adding that “customers will be aware next month.”


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