Liz Truss To Become Third Female UK Prime Minister

Liz Truss To Become UK Third Female Prime Minister
New Conservative Party leader and Britain’s Prime Minister-elect Liz Truss

Liz Truss was named the next leader of the British Conservative Party on Monday, and will take over after Prime Minister Boris Johnson as the country faces its worst economic crisis in decades.

The foreign secretary comfortably beat her rival, former finance minister Rishi Sunak, by about 57 to 43 percent after a gruelling summer-long contest decided by just over 170,000 Conservative members — a tiny sliver of Britain’s electorate.

Truss gave a brief victory speech at the announcement in a conference center in central London, calling it an “honour” to be chosen after “one of the longest job interviews in history.”

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“I campaigned as a Conservative, and I will govern as a Conservative,” she said, touting Tory values of low taxes and personal responsibility.

Truss vowed a “bold plan” to address tax cuts and the energy crisis.

Truss, 47, will be only the UK’s third female prime minister following Theresa May and Margaret Thatcher.

She will formally take office today after Johnson tenders his resignation to Queen Elizabeth II.

Liz Truss To Become UK Third Female Prime Minister