Nollywood Actor, Godwin Maduagu Admits To Being Gay (Video)

Nollywood actor, Godwin Maduagu has come out of the closet to announce that he is gay, and is now living his truth.

This was revealed in a viral video by the actor who had refuted the accusation when his sex tape emerged last year.

Maduagu had claimed he was contemplating suicide and struggling with the scandal’s effects.

However, the actor used the rainbow flag, a representation of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community, in a new video posted on his Instagram on Tuesday.

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He admitted that his close pals had blackmailed him with the sex tape and put him up.

Maduagu said he would have committed suicide if not for the words of encouragement from his family.

He urged Nigerians to stop blackmailing their loved ones.

“After getting a better life for myself, my close friends set me up, blackmailed me, and leaked my sex tape. I became depressed and almost committed suicide.

“My family saved me by giving me words of encouragement and advice that kept me going. Look at me now living my truth because I’ve now gotten a strong thick skin.

“Love is love. Say no to blackmail. What will people say have killed a lot of people,” he said.

Watch video below: