Presidency: How I’ll Unite Nigeria If Elected – Peter Obi

Presidency: How I’ll Unite Nigeria If Elected – Peter Obi
Labour Party Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi

Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party (LP), has explained how, if elected in 2023, his administration would bring Nigeria together.

Obi declared that his administration will use legal instruments to try to bring Nigeria back together.

On Wednesday, during a town hall meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina, Obi stated that the comprehensive restructuring that Nigerians want would include a review of the Nigerian constitution.

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He said: “We will seek to reunite Nigeria through strict adherence to Constitutional provisions on equitable representation in Federal establishments and regenerate a sense of belonging to all citizens through inclusivity and adequate representation of women, youths and people with disability in government.”

The constitutional review, according to Obi, will involve legislative, executive, and judicial actions, with the Nigerian people ultimately deciding the outcome.

He said that his administration would actively restore Nigeria’s position as the continent’s preeminent power through positive engagement, utilizing the sub-regional, regional, and bilateral venues already in place for discussion of ongoing and new issues.

Presidency: How I’ll unite Nigeria if elected – Peter Obi