Serge Aurier Suggested A Witch Doctor To My brother – Mathias Pogba

Mathias Pogba has revealed that Serge Aurier suggested a witch doctor to his brother, Paul Pogba, who allegedly worked with the witch doctor for 6 years.

Pogba stated that the witch doctor allegedly played a significant role in Pogba’s move to Manchester United.

According to Mathias, Paul paid the witch doctor at least €4m for his services.

Mathias also claimed that Paul Pogba requested the witch doctor to put a spell on Kylian Mbappé on the eve of Manchester United’s game against PSG.

Pogba was particularly satisfied with the witch doctor’s work after he asked for help to win the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Mathias wrote: “Today, what I hope is that my brother wakes up. I want him to take responsibility and get our family out of the deadly mess he put us in. I could be killed any day because of him. I just want a normal life.”

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“The witch doctor’s job was to predict Paul’s future, make him shine, improve his performance, sabotage matches, cast spells on his enemies or other footballers to destroy their potential.

“Paul called on it once or twice a month for €75,000 to €100,000 € each time in cash.”

It should be noted that Mathias is currently remanded and will remain in jail for allegedly trying to extort Paul Pogba. The case is still under investigation.


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