Veteran Musician, King Sunny Ade Finally Agrees To Meet Alleged Daughter

King Sunny Ade, a seasoned musician, has finally agreed to meet Elizabeth Ayeni, his alleged 52-year-old daughter.

Elizabeth Ayeni came out to make claims that the music legend was her biological father back in June.

She asserted that her mother had informed her that the musician was indeed her biological father.

The 52-year-old woman explained that she had approached the Human Rights Commission since all of her attempts to get in touch with him had failed.

She received assistance from the commission in writing to Sunny Ade twice, but he never replied.

Ayeni clarified that she wasn’t contacting him for his notoriety or wealth but rather to find out whether he was really her biological father.

In a new update, according to Sahara Reports, the highly revered musician has agreed to a one-on-one meeting with Elizabeth Ayeni, the 52-years-old woman, who claims to be his daughter.

His lawyer, Donald Ajibola spoke with an online newspaper on Monday, September 19th. He told the publication that a meeting would be set with Ayeni when he had some free time.

Ajibola said, “I contacted Ayeni some days back and told her that I had spoken with Sunny Ade. What I told her was that I spoke with him and he agreed to meet her.

“The only thing is that he is too busy and cannot meet her now. It was even difficult for me to meet him. When he has time he will meet with her,” he added.

Confirming the meeting, Ayeni said she intended to conduct a DNA test to confirm her paternity.


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