7 Ways to Monitor Your YouTube Performance

Come to a really competitive platform in recent years. This is because of the great inflow of creators from around the world. Since they’re such a dire need of good content creators on the platform, we have come to you with a fix. Today we are going to talk about the 7 ways to monitor your YouTube performance. So without further ado, let’s jump right in. 

  • Understand watch time 

The first and the most important thing to understand if you want o be a successful YouTuber is to watch time. In recent times YouTube has shifted its focus from monitoring just views, to monitoring watch time. This is a much clear indicator of what’s interesting on the platform and hence recommend it to more people so they enjoy the experience. 

If you want to stand out as a creator, then you need to understand what watch time is and how you can improve yours. You can easily understand that it’s more important than a raw view on YouTube because YouTube analytics have a clear graph for the same. 

If you’re thinking of bringing in the audience with your hefty click baits, then dont bother, because that thing doesnt work anymore. Your skill as a storyteller is being tested in every video, to get the watch time you need. This is why upskilling is really important. 


  • Watch the real-time report

Often, in an attempt to understand what made a particular video successful and the others not so much, people refer to real-time reports. Since YouTube usually has a lag of approximately 48 hours in updating your Youtube views on the video, it is really important to look at the real-time reports from third-party applications and tools. 

These can be easily found on the internet and hence you must try. The benefit of using these tools is that you will be able to provide a much more comprehensive view of the sponsor or brand you’re collaborating with. This will help you land more brands in the future and will also make your videos stand out in the long run. Not only is it really interesting to watch, but it is also key in understanding where things went right or wrong, or not according to the plan. 


  • Identify your sources

If you’re trying to be successful on the platform, then you must identify your traffic sources. Not only will this help you create better content for the demographic that is already engaged by your content, but it will also help you create content for the rest of the traffic, in an attempt to include them as well. 

The best way to do so is to go to your YouTube analysis page and look at the traffic sources page. This page will tell you exactly where your viewership is from and will also tell you the exact percentage of people in the sub-category. 

This is really helpful because once you identify your weak spots, you can optimize them for the best.


  • Determine your audience demographics

If you have a fair idea of the demographic you’re serving, then making content is not going to feel difficult. This is why YouTube analytics has a dedicated section that talks just about the demographics of your audience. 

This tab helps you identify the different age groups you’re catering to, gender, locality, and even their interests. This is really helpful because now you have an upper hand as a creator. 

Since you know the likes and dislikes of your audience, you can create content that they would like and share with their friends. 


  • Determine your video playback location

Since most people ignore this information, if you try and understand this, you would be in a great spot to lead the niche. Determining where your videos are being played is a great indicator of what marketing strategy you need to work on. 

The YouTube analytics page will divide this category into four subsections. These would be the YouTube watch page, YouTube channel page, embedded video, and mobile devices. 

If you see that your mobile divides section is lagging behind, then curate and format your content in a mobile-friendly way.


  • Analyze audience retention

If you want to stand out on the platform, then you need to work on audience retention. Analyzing audience retention is one of the most important things there are two types of retention in our opinion. 

Once ios short term retention and the other one is long term retention. If you work on per view retention or watch time, then you’re more likely to grow faster. 


  • Track your subscriber rate

Tracking your subscribers every once in a while is a great habit. This lets you know how many subscriob3ers you can gain or lose per video. However, it is also really important o see how many people who are watching the content, have already subscribed or not. 

This will help you use the same metric to add better CTAs to invite more audiences to your channel.



If you want to be a top creator on the platform, then you must follow the above-mentioned tips. We’re sure they will be really helpful. Till then, keep scrolling and spread the word.