Angel Smith Recounts Experience At Hospital Rico Swavey Reportedly Died

Angel Smith, a reality TV personality recently spoke out about her experience at the same hospital where Rico Swavey allegedly received treatment before his passing.

In response to a viral video showing the hospital nurses’ misconduct prior to Rico’s death, Angel discussed the unprofessional conduct of the hospital in Lagos state.

She disclosed that her grandma was instructed to sign an indemnity agreement in case Angel passed away.

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She wrote: “Gonna speak on this because when I was unconscious at home, my friend rushed me here and let me tell y’all something, it was terrible. Nobody should be going to Doren in Ajah.

“I felt terrible for at least a week, only God knows what type of drug they gave me I could’ve gone to meet kobe true true.

“My grandmother and mother bundled me to another hospital, 0/10 lmfaooo and they wanted my granny to sign that if anything happened to me, it was on us not them lmfaooo.”

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