Foreigners Applying For Citizenship To Tap Into Opportunities In Nigeria – Aregbesola

Foreigners Applying For Citizenship To Tap Into Opportunities In Nigeria, Says Aregbesola

The interior minister, Rauf Aregbesola, has claimed that foreign nationals from all continents are eager to become citizens of Nigeria.

The federal government granted citizenship to 286 foreign nationals in September.

Aregbesola claimed in a Sunday interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the government has been receiving applications from all over the world.

Despite the country’s current challenges, he claimed, Nigeria has untapped potential for everyone.

According to the minister, contrary to the myth that living in Nigeria is tough, other people who are aware of their missions and want to fulfil them are becoming citizens of Nigeria.

“We only need determined, bold, courageous and enthusiastic people to harvest the untapped opportunities that are here,” he said.

“Foreigners know where the opportunities are and how to go for them; that is why they are doing everything to be part of us.

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“The real issue is determination and commitment to self-actualisation. Those who know what they want to do find Nigeria very welcoming and supportive.

“We receive applications from far and wide; there’s no single continent in the world without people desirous to be part of us.

“We are now processing passports of the 286 persons granted Nigerian citizenship in September.

“If you saw them; if you witnessed the enthusiasm of those people who have become part of us, you will be glad that there can be this number of foreigners desirous to be Nigerians.”

The minister clarified that a foreign individual must have lived in Nigeria continuously for at least 15 years before they are eligible to apply for Nigerian citizenship.

“For those that were granted citizenship in September, it took less than three years to process their papers,’’ Aregbesola said.