How to open a Bet9ja account?

Nigeria is one of the African countries where the gambling industry is booming. With over one-third of the youth population engaged in wagering, more bookmakers are entering the Nigerian gambling industry. Nigerian punters can bet on online casino, sports, and virtual games. However, most bettors wager more on sports.

“This preference can be attached to the fact that Nigerians have a deep affection for sports, especially football. Moreso, sports betting is relatively easier to understand once you watch the sport. This presents bettors with a money-making chance while enjoying their favorite sports. When it comes to bookmakers, bettors also have preferences to choose from,” comments a sports betting expert Dipo Lukman of

In this article, we will be focusing on Bet9ja, a Nigerian bookie that has continued to boom in the gambling industry due to the remarkable services it offers. The Bet9ja bookmaker is the third most visited website in Nigeria just behind Google and Youtube. This is a very strong indicator of the heights the founders, Kunle Soname and Ayo Ojuroye have taken the betting site.

When it comes to sports wagering, Bet9ja has a wide coverage as punters have several choices. Punters can wager on football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, baseball, and lots more. To enjoy the flexibility Bet9ja offers, check how to open Bet9ja account. Fortunately, you don’t need to go through a Bet9ja agent or visit a Bet9ja shop, thanks to the convenience of the online process.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to opening an online betting account with the bookmaker.

  1. First, make sure you have access to a good internet connection on your mobile device or laptop.
  2. Open your browser and enter the URL of the Bet9ja betting site. After this, hit enter. You may notice that the website automatically changes to “sports.bet9ja, do not panic, it’s one of the domains Bet9ja uses.
  3. Locate the register button on the top left corner of the website, click on it and you will be redirected to a form.
  4. Fill in the information required on the form. This includes your email, first name, surname, and date of birth. There is also a box for an optional Bet9ja promotion code. If you have a promotion code, fill it in, otherwise, you may skip it. Note that your first name and surname must be written the way they appear on your bank account. This is to avoid conflicts when trying to withdraw funds from your Bet9ja account to your local bank.
  5. After filling out their form, an account verification message will be sent to your email address. Click the link in the message to verify your account.
  6. Follow the prompt as required. Once done, you have successfully created a fresh betting account on Bet9ja.

Will it be faster to register using the mobile app?

At the moment, bettors are not able to open an account through the mobile app. If you download the application and attempt to register through it, you will be redirected to the official betting site where you will be required to follow the registration process as described above.

Maybe in the near future, the bookie may integrate the feature into the betting app. However, the betting site is the only way to open an account online.

How long to wait until your account is activated?

It doesn’t take long before your account is activated. When you register a new account, it is activated instantly. However, in cases where your account takes longer than 24 hours to be activated, you may reach out to the customer care service of the bookie.

Is there a multi-tier account system in Bet9ja or every account is standard?

No, Bet9ja does not currently have a multi-tier account system as all accounts are standard. Every bettor has access to the same betting options, odds, and markets. All Bet9ja customers can enjoy the amazing services Bet9ja offers its customers.

Are there any documents Bet9ja asks for in the registration process? 

No, Bet9ja does not require any special document during registration. Although you may need to provide some documents when doing KYC, this is done after registering your account. All the information required for registration are basic and you can fill them in without any hassle.

The information required includes:

  1. Email address.
  2. First and surname.
  3. Date of birth
  4. Your desired username and password.
  5. State of residence.
  6. Phone number.


If you’re trying to register an account on Bet9ja and any suspicious information such as your bank documents is required, it’s probably a scam. Stay safe.

Is there any KYC and verification before you can place bets? 

While you do not necessarily need to do KYC verification before placing bets, you should verify your identity as soon as possible. Bet9ja requires all customers to do KYC after the first deposit. Also, you can not make withdrawals unless you pass your KYC verification. To do KYC registration, you will have to make a deposit and then navigate to your account menu.

You will find the KYC verification menu and you can provide the required details. Proof of identification and proof of address is required to complete your KYC verification. Hence, any document that verifies your identity and address will suffice.

You can check the available options and then choose the one that suits you. Note that your name on the document should correspond with your bank details and registration details.