Lack Of Leadership Responsible For Flood – Dakore Akande

Popular Nollywood actress Dakore Egbosun Akande has berated the Federal Government of Nigeria over its inability to curb the recent floods that ravaged various communities across the country.

She reacted to the situation while lamenting the state of the affected communities, especially in Bayelsa, her home state.

The actress revealed that she attempted to reach out to affected communities with some aid but could not due to the state of the roads after the floods.

She stated that international communities had warned the Nigerian government earlier about this year’s rain and climate change, but the authorities turned deaf ears.

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“The fact that this is happening is not just because of the Cameroon dam, we always look for what to blame but it’s us, it’s our lack of leadership. We were all warned earlier this year that the rain is unprecedented. When I talked about climate change and some people say it’s not, I wonder if they don’t see what’s happening around the world. We say we have a dam and we want to blame Cameroon for it. Cameroon has its dam that they built and did what they were supposed to do but we, as Nigeria, did not do anything, and then somehow that money that I’m sure had been allocated for that dam is in somebody’s pocket, and you think it will be better for you and your children? It cannot be!” said Dakore.