Rico Swavey’s Mother Make Appeal To Hospitals, Government

Halima Hassan, mother of Reality TV star Patrick Fakoya aka Rico Swavey, who died in a ghastly accident on October 13, has made a public appeal.

Making the appeal on Thursday at the unveiling of a foundation named after her son, Halima pleaded to hospitals to attend to patients without considering money first.

The grieving mother also urged the government to fix the bad roads to help reduce accidents.

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“I wasn’t happy when I saw him. No one would want to bury their children while they are still here. Unfortunately, it happened to me, and fortunately, I will use this to appeal to the government and the hospitals. All I’m doing will not bring Rico back. It’s just for the future.

“For the hospitals, any accident, trauma accidents like Rico’s, they should put money aside and treat the person first. I don’t wish this on anybody. And they should try to do the roads, the roads are terrible. Even if it’s the street lights, whatever they can do, to help the young ones.

“We all have young people moving here and there, hustling for their lives. We don’t want anything to happen to them.” Rico Swavey’s mum appealed.