What Ladies Wear These Days Calls For Attention – Yomi Makun

Tailor Yomi Makun, popularly known as Yomi Casual, has declared that the urge to go naked among ladies is now becoming like madness.

Yomi took to his Instagram Story to lament the dress mode of many ladies in Lagos.

According to him, ladies need to talk to one another because what ladies wear these days is calling for attention. He added that you see girls wearing shorts that reveal their bum cheeks.

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He wrote: “To be honest, I think women need to start talking to the other ladies. My God!! What these ladies wear out these days calls for attention. Abeg, what’s the craziness about? U go to the eatery, supermarket, etc., and they are wearing shorts, and you can see their bum cheeks? What’s wrong with these girls? Last time one came with a t-shirt and just her panties under; even d security guy shook his head. What’s wrong, ladies? The urge to go naked is becoming like madness… jeez!!!”