All You Need to Know About Sports Betting in Nigeria

Considering Africa’s sports betting landscape, Nigeria’s expansion in this area has been spectacular and rapid in the past few years. Gambling used to be stigmatized, but it has recently gained popularity in Nigeria as a way to spend time and money.

The skill has gotten so popular that daily wagers of about 3,000 Naira and a staggering 730 billion Naira are wagered annually. Businesses have taken notice of this growth habit, and as a result, there was a sports betting store on practically every street across Lagos in 2019. Not every user has the same taste, so Nigerian bookmakers offer various options that help the market grow exponentially. Since Nigeria’s gambling law welcomes gambling activities, especially sports betting, the locals can check out all Nigerian bookmakers listed on BetZillion and place their wagers accordingly.

Sports Betting Market in Nigeria: Current Situation

Although Nigeria has one of the most formidable online sports betting markets on the continent, ranking alongside South Africa and Kenya, it is still a market that is easy to access and navigate. Even for new users, it can be an excellent place to start. The Nigerian bookies also provide tempting promotions and free bets to draw in customers, much like the rest of the world. The proposals and bonuses never seem to end. Enrollment frequently comes with attractive discounts, especially for new clients. Thus the Nigerian betting network is flourishing fast, and with the right bookmaker, you can stand a real chance of winning big!

As for bookies, it is extremely promising to set up their business as the sports betting industry in Nigeria is overgrowing, with more than 30% of the country’s population being invested in regular online betting. Also, this is the best market for international bookmakers right now. Regardless of big or small, all offshore bookies can profit from Nigeria’s fast-establishing betting network. With the government not interfering with many laws on online gambling activities, it is the perfect time to set up a betting site in Nigeria. Besides, the customer base in Nigeria is extremely promising and growing at an excellent rate. You can learn more about Nigerian sports betting here.

Is Sports Betting Profitable in Nigeria?

Football is big in Nigeria and popular among viewers and bettors. That isn’t surprising, knowing that Nigeria is the home of many football superstars, including Victor Osimhen, Mikel John Obi, Samuel Chukwueze, and many more. The Nigerian football team has achieved plenty of success on the international level with 3 Africa Cup of Nations titles and 2 World Cup playoff appearances. But the nations’ success goes beyond only football. While other types of gambling are steadily gaining popularity across the country, sports betting has been the overwhelmingly popular choice for the vast majority. The popularity of football is a major booster to the increasing prominence of online sports betting in the region. 

Nigeria also has a powerful national basketball team that holds titles from AfroBasket and All Africa Games and regularly appears at the World Cup and the Olympic Games. Nigerians are incredibly proud of their national teams, so it only makes sense to bet on their success. 

Football World Cup and basketball World Cup receive extensive coverage by the bookies, along with all other major sporting leagues, including La Liga, English Premier League, and Italian Serie A. This is both because significant international events are prevalent among bettors in Nigeria and also due to the fact that some Nigerian football players play in those clubs. Other than this, if there’s a major international sports competition, you can be sure that the Nigerian bookies will also have markets open for it.

The locals’ wagering interest has also extended to other athletic endeavors like American football, rugby, and cricket. Traditional horse racing wagers are also immensely popular among the population. So if anything, the Nigerian sports betting market is the best place for online bettors to incur a profit.

The Future of the Betting Market in Nigeria

  • Greater Acceptance

In Nigeria, sports betting is becoming increasingly popular, and this trend is not likely to stop soon. Through the Criminal Act Code, the Nigerian government approved several skill-based games in 1990. As a result, there were few regulations on how land-based casinos and sports betting sites might operate.

The National Lottery Regulatory Commission closely regulates the sector. This government agency ensures that all offline and online gaming establishments pay taxes. Additionally, it guarantees that Nigerians only bet on legal games like poker and blackjack.

  • Movements of international brands to Nigeria

The availability of broadband internet services and the acceptance of sports betting have attracted international brands in the betting industry to Nigeria. This new generation of youthful Nigerians is tech-savvy and loves the convenience of performing several legitimate activities online.

It has created a thriving market for international betting brands. Dedicated Nigerian betting websites spring up almost daily, and more Nigerians are taking advantage of their enticing offers.

  • Live Streaming

Bookmakers in Nigeria have started using live streams to engage their numerous customers actively. A few betting sites have also improved their offerings by including live sports betting that ardent followers can use. Using live bets guarantees that participants in competitions like the Premier League, Bundesliga, etc., have a more engaging experience.

As more people become tech-aware, sports betting in Nigeria will have a bright future. It has also motivated a few platforms to develop and launch their betting apps in Nigeria so that more users can download and utilize them conveniently.

Sports betting in Nigeria can only improve as technologies emerge every day. As long as businesses and gamblers adhere to the law, there is no indication that anything will slow down.

Best Nigerian Bookmakers

Online sports betting in Nigeria might not be as huge as in the United States, nor are there as many bettors as in some Asian countries. However, Nigeria is undoubtedly one of Africa’s most competitive gambling industries. It is partly because of the size of the population and the availability of the internet, which created the ideal environment for many Nigerian betting sites to begin operations.

There are numerous betting sites to pick from, but you should know where to look to find the best ones. It is where our post will be helpful. So, the following considerations should be made when selecting the best betting sites in Nigeria.

  • Find a safe and legal sportsbook with a good reputation.
  • Check the quality of the odds and the market depth.
  • Consider picking a bookie with solid bonuses and promotions.
  • Check out the payment options and different payment gateways.
  • If you like to wager on the go, choose the sportsbook with the fastest and most reliable mobile betting app.
  • Look for sites with suitable data safety measures, with SSL encryption for any data the user enters. From here, you can learn how to find out if your bookmaker offers this feature.
  • You might want to pick a bookie with a betting blog with tips and predictions on the upcoming games.

No bookmaker will, of course, offer the best odds for every sport, but some of them do for select sports. So if you’re betting on horse racing, it’s advisable to choose a sportsbook known for offering great odds on horse racing, whereas if you plan to wager primarily on football, you should pick a more football-focused bookmaker.

Wrapping Up

It should be clear from the facts discussed previously in this article that online sports betting in Nigeria are not only possible but also advantageous. There are numerous international sportsbooks and bookmakers in Nigeria. All are designed with sports bettors in mind and offer you the most betting possibilities available.

It wouldn’t be far from the truth to say that sports betting in Nigeria has never been more popular. Although the sector is still developing, Nigeria has taken the necessary steps to position itself for a successful future in the online betting industry.

So if you want to place a bet in Nigeria, choose the bookmaker with all the features you require, go to the top betting sites, and place your bet!

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