Lectera, the next-generation educational platform

Today, many platforms on the market offer the opportunity to study at home, but not all of them develop in 120 countries at once, translating courses into five languages and helping you master new professions in just a month. The educational platform Lectera, well-known in the US and Latin America, and now also in Africa, has won over 170,000 students worldwide.

Lectera offers courses in the most in-demand areas: sales, business, digital marketing, MLM, financial literacy, women’s leadership, and more. Moreover, it has a section with free courses for those in need of change, as well as courses for teenagers, and corporate programmes. Yet, the key advantage is that all training at Lectera is based on the innovative Fast Education methodology.

Fast Education provides an opportunity to upgrade any skills in the shortest possible time, devoting only 15-25 minutes a day to studying. The methodology is a block-cyclic system, within which the student receives only practical knowledge and immediately learns to apply it in practice.

Each Lectera course consists of a set of video lectures and auxiliary text materials (templates, guides, checklists, etc.). It also includes case studies and situational tests with homework assignments for self-examination. It takes only a week to complete one such course, and no more than 5 hours to watch the video lectures.

The Lectera team brings together people from different niches and countries, who develop all educational materials, which then undergo a multi-stage check and are translated into English, German, Spanish, Russian, and Hindi.

Quality training is good, but it’s even better when it’s fast and allows you to boost exactly the skills you need for your career. The educational platform Lectera doesn’t just give you knowledge – it helps you earn money from it!