Prayers, Fasting Didn’t Develop Europe, We Pray Too Much In Africa – Chioma Ifemeludike

Nollywood actress Chioma Grace Ifemeludike has opined that Africa is in big trouble, but its people keep praying and fasting excessively as a solution.

She noted that Africans prefer to give their time to praying than putting in work to make sure the continent becomes developed.

The Plateau-born actress said Western countries developed due to love, patriotism, and an effective justice system.

According to her, she wants the church to become more politically conscious by adding political discussions in bible studies classes.

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She wrote: ”Prayers and fasting did not develop Europe, USA and Asia!!! Love for country, patriotism and an effective justice system! We pray too much in Africa!

“During our Sunday school bible studies in church, I suggested the church should include more political conversations in its curriculum but an elderly woman responded “our daddy in the lord (general overseer)has not said who we will vote in 2023”.

“I just couldn’t help but laugh, I’m still laughing. Africa is in deep shit!!!”