Stop Throwing Insensitive Words At Celebrities – Lojay Tells Fans

Lojay, a Nigerian singer, has advised fans to stop saying vile words to celebrities because these comments harm them.

He took to Twitter yesterday to tell fans not to rain abuse on celebrities all day, but to instead focus on other productive endeavors.

He noted that the insensitive tweets being thrown at celebrities are why many of them stay away from the app.

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Lojay wrote: Some of your favs are dying inside cause of the ruthless shit y’all say on here and wonder why some celebrities try to stay as far away from the app and drama as possible sigh. It’s just so unnecessary.

“Y’all don’t know half of what happens behind the scenes nor do y’all care but as a human being that wants better for themselves, why would you take out so much time targeting another human to spread so much negativity, I just don’t get that.

“Some of y’all come on here and tweet insensitive shit about real people with real problems all in the name of celebrity/fan dynamics. Worst part is you literally can’t spend a day in their shoes before losing your mind sigh.