What does the IRS advocate do?

TAS communicates with the IRS on your behalf.

The IRS’s Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) is a separate agency with its authority. TAS is here to ensure sure all taxpayers get treated fairly and that they know what they’re entitled to. Our advocates are here to help if you have tax problems that you cannot resolve.

Who qualifies for financial aid from TAS?

The TAS can help you if you’ve tried to resolve your income tax problem with the IRS but have been unsuccessful. If you’re having ongoing trouble creating financial hardship or facing immediate unfavorable action from the IRS, it can take action on your behalf. You may be able to get the federal tax department to work with you if you hire a TAS advocate to represent you in negotiations.

The TAS may accept your case if you can prove that…

– You’re in financial hardship, and time is of the essence due to the tax issue.

– You’re coordinating with several IRS issues, and you could use some help keeping track of everyone and everything.

– The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is unresponsive and unhelpful.

– The IRS has warned you that they will take immediate action if necessary.

– The Internal Revenue Service does not seem to understand that your situation is exceptional.

– A legislative agency has referred your issue to the TAS.

You can ask your TAS advocate to assemble the necessary paperwork and argue your case with an IRS agent, or they can assist you in coordinating and expediting the processing of an individual patient with one or more IRS units.

What can I expect if I call the TAS complaint line?

A Centralized Case Intake (CCI) member will answer your call when you dial the toll-free number for the Taxpayer Advocate Service. They will help you get your case started and connected with the appropriate resources.

As a result of the current backlog in processing tax returns, the Taxpayer Advocate Service has received many calls for help. You may have to wait a long time for an advocate to return your call or even to take your call. Verify your qualifications for receiving our assistance. If you are eligible, you can submit Form 911 by downloading it here. Can you tell me the first steps in filing a TAS case?

A variety of methods exist in TAS for submitting a case request. Getting in touch with your local office is as easy as printing a copy of Form 911 and mailing or faxing it. Your designated case advocate will get back to you about the Form 911 you submitted.

TAS also offers supplementary resources for completing the 911 form. Because TAS is experiencing a high call load right now, selecting these options may cause your request to be processed more slowly than usual.

If TAS agrees to take my case, then what?

A case advocate will be assigned to your request and will let you know whether or not it has been accepted.

When can I expect a resolution to my tax issue?

Your tax problem could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on how complicated it is. The case advocate assigned to your case will do whatever it takes to help you overcome your challenges. Your case advocate will contact you to provide status reports and anticipated next steps as your legal matter progresses.

Where is my money-back guarantee? May I rely on you to expedite its delivery to me?

TAS can help with refund issues even after the IRS-mandated deadline has passed. After that time, if you’re still having trouble, you should contact the TAS office to determine your next steps.

Financial Hardship

The term “financial hardship” can describe a situation in which you cannot pay more than you earn because of issues beyond your control.

For example, if you expect to incur high costs as a result of FTB policies, you may be affected in the following ways:

  • Bank Levy
  • Earnings Withholding

– Lien

TAS in a Nutshell

TAS may take exceptional cases and offer a way out of your tax debt, but only partly. If you owe taxes to the government, a company tax corporation could be able to help you find a better resolution. If you have tax debt and want advice on handling the Fresh Start Program, call Ideal Tax for a free first consultation.