Yul Edochie Makes Shocking Confession, Reveals New Calling




Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has come out to tell his followers that the time has come for him to fulfil his purpose as a minister of God.

Yul, took many by surprise as he announced that his calling was to be a Minister of God.

In a video shared on his Facebook page, Yul Edochie disclosed that he has a strong calling into Ministry, to serve God.

Edochie added that the calling had become intense recently, and even more when he realised that God made him successful so he could use the fame to promote the gospel and touch lives.

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However, the actor is ready to accept his calling and venture into ministry.

He stated that he called to preach the word of God through words and actions.

“I have a calling to serve God. I have a calling to be a Minister of God. I have a calling to be a preacher of God. You know, to be one of God’s Minister – to preach the word of God through words and actions. I have had this calling a long time ago, many years ago, but I always felt maybe the time hasn’t come, the time wasn’t right.

“But now, it’s very strong. I feel the time has come. God has blessed me in this life, and by the grace of God, I have become one of the biggest and most celebrated actors in Nigeria and Africa.

“I have realised God lifted me as an actor so I can become one of his ministers and use that fame to preach the word of God. My purpose in life is to become a minister of God and touch lives,” he said.

Edochie said he would not quit acting as a pastor but would ensure his projects align with God’s word.