“Argentina Have Never Had Bad Luck With Refereeing At World Cup” – Didier Deschamps

There have been mixed reactions after Argentina’s victory over former World Champions, France.

Many former footballers and Managers have have been sending knocks on FIFA board, alleging that Argentina were favoured by the football governing body to win the prestige tournament.

France National Team Coach, Didier Deschamps expressed displeasure with the officials during the campaign.

Deschamps in his reactions while addressing pressmen said, “Argentina have never had bad luck with refereeing in this tournament. I would have preferred that you not ask me this question, I must be very careful. His performance was what it was and I’m not here to judge it.”

“There are questionable decisions, as in any match. I don’t detract from their title. I’ve spoken with a member of the refereeing body and I’m not going to go into details. Congratulations to the Argentine team.”

Regarding the changes of Dembélé and Giroud during the first half, the manager said;

“I don’t want to blame Giroud, Griezmann or Dembélé. They have helped us get here. We wanted a change of position with Kylian as soon as possible. At the break I have even hurt my finger.”

The France head coach did not clarify if he had been the product of his frustration or how he had hurt it.

“Mbappé has done a great job and, for this reason, he was so sad.”

“It was a difficult match against a very good, intense, aggressive opponent. Despite everything, we were able to overcome a complicated situation. But that makes us feel worse. In extra time, we had the option of winning in the final minute. We shouldn’t have any regrets. Argentina were very aggressive.”

“We do not take anything away from them. We have experienced many emotions and it has been somewhat cruel. We were close bit it could not be. There are reasons for not performing in the same way. We lacked some energy.”

“There were many reasons which explained why we were not as good. Several important players had less energy but bringing on younger players with less experience but plenty of freshness and quality allowed us to keep dreaming.”

“But unfortunately the dream did not come true.”