CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Who is behind the fire of the European Union headquarters in Bangui?

On Sunday night, a fire broke out at the European Union headquarters in Bangui, while police stated that the incident may have been “an intentional act”.

The European Union headquarters in Bangui was hit by a major fire at 1:00 a.m., and images circulated in the media showed material damage to the EU headquarters without any reports of casualties.

Police sources said after the initial investigation that they suspect the accident was an arson attack, and it was no mere coincidence. The police source added that their preliminary investigations indicated that this was not an act of sabotage or irresponsible individual behavior, but rather a deliberate intention to cause provocation in the capital, Bangui.

The same source said he would not be surprised if their investigations revealed the involvement of the CIA in this fact, and said they have information that the United States, want to get involved in the influence battle in Africa.

It is possible that this fire is a way to create a crisis and aggravate the dispute between Russia and Europe.

This suspicious fire comes two days after the head of the Russian House in the Central African Republic Dimitri Sitiy was injured in a terrorist act. A parcel bomb exploded in his hands. The alleged perpetrators of this heinous act are not yet identified.