Ex-CAN President, Oritsejafor’s Marriage Allegedly Crashes Over Infidelity, Others

The 25-year-old marriage of the former president of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Ayo Oritsejafor’s to his wife, Ufuoma Bernard, Helen, has allegedly hit the rocks.

Sources reveal the duo were said to be at loggerheads for a long time before the marriage finally hit the rock over protracted misunderstanding.

Alleged sources revealed the marriage crashed due to infidelity on the part of Helen , among others and that she moved out of the house about three months, relocating to the UK.

Oritsejfor is about 20 years older than his wife. He married Helen in 1997, 13 months after his first wife, Stella, died.

He founded together with Stella, the Word of Life Bible Church on November 15, 1987, in Warri, Delta State.

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Helen had in 2020, accused her husband of wanting her dead.

Source reports close to the family said Oritsejafor had truly parted ways with Helen over protracted disagreement and one other reason has to do with the Eagle Flight Micro-finance Bank founded by Oritsejafor in the name of his church, Word of Life Bible Church.

The pastor had said the bank belonged to the church. Helen was the Chairman of Eagle Flight Micro-Finance Bank. It was alleged that Helen changed the bank documents to her personal name. This was said to have angered Oritsejafor, making him act promptly.

Oritsejafor, a top source said, has also shutdown the African Broadcasting Network (ABN) where Helen used to be the head in order to curb her wings.

As at time of this report, there’s been no of official word from the duo disparaging the claim from sources.