Nigerian Tech Company, Klasha Introduces Menstrual Leave For Staff

Klasha, a digital business in Nigeria, has announced a new policy that would permit its employees to take time off during their menstrual periods.

Klasha, according to report, is the first tech company in Nigeria to introduce a menstrual leave policy of this kind.

Acording to the company, the policy will initially provide five days off but that could be subject to change as they evaluate its effectiveness once implemented.

In a statement, the company CEO, Jess Anuna said, “At Klasha, we understand that we must make room for women’s biological needs as a part of everyday business. Rather than leave the subject as an unspoken taboo, we want to build a culture of trust, truth, and acceptance.”

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On their website, the company stated that 60% of their employees are female.

The new policy has been receiving applause on social media. It has also generated debate regarding how the policy will work in practice.

In the whole of Africa however, Zambia is said to be the only country that grants menstrual leave – allowing a day off per month.

Other counties that offer flexible working condition for periods include Japan, Indonesia and South Korea.

Meanwhile, a study in 2019 found that period pain was linked to nearly nine days of lost productivity for a woman in a year.

Klasha, a Nigerian e-commerce company with operations in six African nations, was established in 2018. The company has offices in San Francisco and Lagos and is currently based in the US and Nigeria.